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More than 40,000 Active Patients In The California Rely On Online Medical Card Clinic For Medical Marijuana Services: Entrusted Medical Marijuana Card Program

Quick Processing
Quick Processing

Our medical marijuana doctor evaluations can be processed from the comfort of your home in just a few minutes.

Medical Marijuana Doctor’s Recommendations
Convenience of Services

Get instant medical marijuana doctor’s recommendations via email. We also deliver a hard copy to your address.

100% Reliable Services
100% Reliable Services

Our services allow you to get assistance from the team of board-certified medical marijuana doctors online.

Medical Marijuana Doctor
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What Sets OMCC Apart From Its Competitors?

At Online Medical Card Clinic , we are braced by our team of board-certified professional medical marijuana doctors who completely understand the crucial aspects of medical cannabis and its positive health effects. We are highly recommended for providing the most effective healthcare strategies.

Here's What Your Online Medical Marijuana Doctor Evaluations Include

Online 420 Card
Online 420 Card

An online MMJ card is provided to you, which has an MMJ recommendation from a licensed medical marijuana physician in California, valid for up to 1 year. Once it expires, you can easily renew it by using the services of Online 420.

Get A PDF Copy Instantly
Get A PDF Copy Instantly

For making things easier for you, as your recommendation gets approved by our doctors after thorough medical marijuana doctor evaluations, a copy signed by an authorized body is emailed to you right away. Also, a hard copy is delivered at your doorstep.

24/7. With live-chat support
24/7 Support

The authenticity of your medical marijuana card can be verified by dispensaries 24/7. With live-chat support by our team, you get to resolve all your queries from 10 am-10 pm.

Secured Services
Secured Services

We strictly follow all the HIPAA guidelines and ensure that our clients’ confidential details are secured at all costs.

Same Day Cannabis Access
Same Day Cannabis Access

We deliver your online medical card copy instantly via email, which allows you to gain access to your local dispensary or your preferred delivery service.

Quick Processing
Quick Processing

We ensure a safe experience for all our customers. You get to enjoy seamless, quick services in 3 simple steps.

Get Your Medical Marijuana Card Online Now!
Apply For Your MMJ Card Online In 3 Easy Steps

Now you get to secure a HIPAA compliant MMJ card with Online 420. Our in-house team comprises certified health professionals who also provide medical marijuana doctor online services with utmost dedication. Here’s how to apply for your MMJ online card.

Sign Up for Online Medical Card Clinic


It begins with filling a simple questionnaire. This is reviewed by an expert medical marijuana doctor in our team.


Once approved, you then proceed with medical marijuana doctor evaluations from the comfort of your mobile phone or desktop and a duration that is suitable for you.


Next, a medical marijuana doctor's recommendation gets delivered to your email address in PDF format instantly, while a physical copy of the address is also provided.

Put Your Health First!
Benefits of MMJ Card: Why Apply For A Medical Card?

A medical marijuana card for recreational purposes can be life-changing. Get your MMJ online card with Online 240 and experience these exceptional, magical benefits.

  • No Age Bar: In states where recreational marijuana usage is allowed, the minimum legal age for marijuana consumption is 21 years or above. But, with the recommendation from a certified medical marijuana doctor by Online 420, medical marijuana can be used by anyone under 21 years of age.
  • Access To Dispensaries: By securing a medical marijuana card, you get legal access to possibly any dispensary that comes under the Bureau of Cannabis Control and get your stash of cannabis for medical purposes.
  • Legally Secure: Having an MMJ card enables you to use medical cannabis for health purposes in a much more comprehensive way. It allows the cardholders to carry marijuana while traveling by air or driving since they have approved legal permit by a marijuana physician.
  • Wide Range Of Products: Medical cards issued after the approval of medical marijuana doctors allows you to purchase high THC cannabis strains as unlike recreational cannabis, medical cannabis does not have any potency limit.
  • Huge Savings: Products that you buy with an MMJ card cost cheaper than recreational ones. You can enjoy up to 28% of savings!

Flexibility On Cultivation & Carry Limits: A MMJ card grants you the legal permission to grow up to 100 sq. feet of medical marijuana in your home and carry up to 8 ounces of stash. This quantity is 8 times more than the limits of cannabis for recreational usage.

Online Medical Card Clinic Has Successfully Helped Over 500,000 patients



The Reliable Choice For Marijuana Clinic Services In The USA, Medical cannabis can be an elixir of life for many people out there. Ever since the inception of Online 420 in the year 2015, more than 500,000 patients have benefitted from medical marijuana doctor evaluations. Our belief is to make access to medical marijuana possible for anyone who needs it for leading a better, healthy life.

Licensed Doctors

Licensed Doctors

Choose From The Best Medical Marijuana Doctors: Trust of 500,000+ Patients! At Online 420, we have a huge team of state-licensed medical marijuana doctors who provide you thorough recommendation depending on your condition once you connect with them.

Affordable Plans

Affordable Plans

Online 420 provides you the most cost-effective plans, both in the online and offline markets. Our recommendations in California cost only $59, whereas, in Nevada, it is only $79 per year and $99 for two years. In New York, you are only charged $149, and if you reside in Oklahoma, the cost is only $99. You get to enjoy all the services and instant delivery of your copy via email.

Constant Support

Constant Support

We are known for providing all our patients ongoing support. The patients have the option to fix appointments with medical marijuana doctors online, regularly. Online 420 helps you a healthy, content life with a reliable support system. Our continuous efforts are aimed at simplifying access to medical marijuana in the USA. We believe that the thought of securing medical marijuana should not give you chills. Enjoy the effortless MMJ card authorization process only at Online 420!

Easy To Access

Easy To Access

With the technological advancements when all the services are moving to the internet, we make sure to provide our customers the ease of accessing our services through online mode. You can now get your medical marijuana card online. Please ensure getting the needful information about medical marijuana from a marijuana physician when you visit us for an MMJ card.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An online medical marijuana card issued by Online Medical Card Clinic allows legal access to medical marijuana to the patients. This means you get to have a license to keep and grow marijuana and also legally shop for it online or from any dispensary. Our dedicated team of medical marijuana doctors is here to evaluate your condition and provide constant support whenever you need them.

All the medical professionals in our team are certified doctors and expert marijuana physicians, which means there is no room for the fraudsters looting your money. Our robust security system ensures that all your sensitive details remain secured. The easy, protected payment gateway allows you the ease of paying with a card securely. The best part is, your online copy of the card instantly gets delivered via email, and a hard copy is sent to the address provided by you.

At Online Medical Card Clinic, we are only associated with medical professionals who are legit. How? We only provide Medical Marijuana ID Cards to doctors after address verification. You are also requested to ensure verifying the doctor’s address.

It is highly recommended to perform a thorough background check of your doctor before settling for any medical marijuana doctor online. Telemedicine has gained tremendous popularity in recent times, which makes it important for the patients to carefully research and choose a well-established medical clinic, both offline and online. You must also have a real conversation before sharing your personal sensitive details. It is helpful to look for the following factors before you apply for a marijuana card:

  • Make sure that there is a physical clinic and a verifiable address
  • Do not rely on the PO Box
  • You must call and talk with the specialist in person
  • Only go for an experienced, licensed medical professional
  • For the ease of services, make sure that there is 24/7 support and a live chat option

Absolutely! A medical marijuana card eliminates the age barrier. Unlike recreational cannabis, which is only available to people aged 21 or above, having an MMJ card allows patients 18 years of age or above to access medical marijuana. The professional medical marijuana doctors at Online 420 evaluate your condition via online consultancy, and you are provided the card for legally accessing medical marijuana.

Received Your Medical Marijuana Recommendation? Here’s What To Do Next!

So, you have finally received your medical marijuana recommendation by the marijuana doctors at Online 420 but confused about what should be the next step? Do not worry! Let us explain.

The first thing you should be doing is locate the nearest dispensary and get your first batch of stash. That is the benefit of getting an online MMJ card; you can get started right away! There is a wide variety of products that you get to choose from. This is your chance to a healthy path in life. There are several online stores that also deliver products at your doorstep. You just need to ensure that the source where you are getting your cannabis stock is legal. Do not forget to use your MMJ card to enjoy attractive deals and discount offers on your purchases!

The best part about getting an Online Medical Card Clinic is that our team is focused on making things simpler for all our patients. If you reside in California, Online Medical Card Clinic provides you an MMJ card approved by a licensed medical marijuana doctor online, which is valid for up to 1 year. After this time period is over and your card has expired, you can easily renew the services with Online 420 medical marijuana card services.

Anyone having a medical marijuana legal recommendation can have access to medical marijuana in California. It is a must to have a medical condition to qualify for a medical marijuana card. There are multiple health conditions that qualify under the medical marijuana set by the authorities in California. These are:

  • Chronic Pain
  • Glaucoma
  • Anorexia
  • AIDS
  • Arthritis
  • Cancer
  • Severe Nausea
  • Migraine
  • Persistent Muscle Spasms
  • Cachexia
  • Seizures
  • Multiple Sclerosis, etc.

It also includes some chronic health conditions which:

  • Posses the possibility of causing mental and physical discomfort to the patient if not alleviated.
  • May hamper the patient’s capabilities to carry out crucial life functions that are specified under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

At Online 420, we have a trusted team of certified medical marijuana doctors who are qualified to provide a legally approved recommendation for medical cannabis. It is important not to fall for a fraudster posing to be a legalized medical marijuana doctor. A marijuana physician must have sound knowledge of health industry standards and be practicing medicine, following the latest norms of compliance rules and regulations. A certified medical marijuana health professional conforms to the health care rules just like a physician or any healthcare provider.

You must beware of fraud medical marijuana doctors who are very likely to loot you and provide invalid recommendations. This could lead to putting you into legal issues; hence it is crucial to remain mindful and careful while seeking a medical recommendation.

If you have successfully received your medical marijuana card, it is time for you to locate the nearest legal dispensary. Having an MMJ card allows patients aged 18 or above to get their stash from the dispensary, where you can explore a huge variety of cannabis. If you are a novice who is confused about what to choose from, do not forget to consult with an expert or a friend first. It is important to carry your MMIC ID card and some cash while you are going for the purchase. Having a legally approved MMJ card from certified marijuana physicians at online 420 enables you to enjoy some additional exclusive offers and discounts on your shopping at a dispensary or an online store.

In California, people aged 21 years or above can possess 1 ounce or lesser of marijuana for recreational purposes. This law came in 2018 when cannabis became legal in the state. However, in 2020 any person having evaluated medical conditions are required to hold an MMIC card to purchase and carry medical marijuana. The quantity for cannabis with a medical marijuana card is 8 ounces of the dried flower without stems or leaves and 6 mature or 12 immature plants for cultivation purposes. Else, the quantity can be whatever is recommended by a medical marijuana doctor. Having an MMJ card allows the cold holder to enjoy a variety of facilities, including access to online and offline dispensaries and stores selling marijuana. This is also beneficial since not every jurisdiction in California has been granted the operation of dispensaries for recreational marijuana.

In California state, patients with out of state medical marijuana cards do not have the facility of dedicated reciprocity programs. However, the out-of-state visitors can apply for a medical marijuana card in California and enjoy the services, such as medical marijuana access grants, purchases from the legalized dispensaries, etc.

Online 420 has strict security policies as we abide by the HIPAA rules and regulations. This ensures that all your personal details remain confidential with us, and no third party can have access to it. All our records are protected with utmost safety.

The process of getting your Online Medical Card Clinic is extremely simple! All you have to do is provide your personal details and inform the medical marijuana doctor about your medical history. You are then asked to submit proof of your medical condition. This leads to the next step where you get to discuss your medical condition with an expert, and they provide you with the much-required advice regarding the usage of medical marijuana and how it can be beneficial for your health. Then, you get your MMJ recommendation online, via email, and a hard copy is delivered to your address. It is that easy.

A medical marijuana is quite helpful as it allows you to enjoy various benefits, which includes:

  • You get to possess 8 times higher quantities of cannabis as compared to recreational marijuana.
  • You are legally authorized to grow up to 100 square feet of medical marijuana in your home.
  • Facilitated access to a wide variety of cannabis varieties and products.
  • Exclusive offers and discounts on the purchase of medical marijuana.
  • Age flexibility allows patients 18 years and above access to medical marijuana, as compared to 21 years and above in the case of recreational cannabis.
  • A chance to enjoy savings on taxes on marijuana purchases.
  • Legal security for carrying and holding medical cannabis, even in the flights within California.
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