Medical Marijuana Card Orange County

Is it costly to get a medical marijuana card in Orange County? The cost of a medical marijuana card depends on many things such as the state you live in, the type of card you need, physician fees, and many more.

But you don’t need to worry! Online Medical Card Clinic is offering medical marijuana cards for patients in Orange County only at $49 from the comfort of your own home. The telehealth platform helps you with online recommendations from certified marijuana doctors through a quick, safe, and completely reliable process.

What’s Included In The Cost Of A Medical Marijuana Card?

If you’re thinking of getting a medical marijuana card and want to find out the cost behind the process, there are two factors. First, there will be a fee for a certified medical marijuana doctor where you’ll have a video/audio call and get your medical cannabis recommendation. Second, there’re many fees associated with applying for your medical marijuana card in Orange County.

Consultation With A Certified Doctor

If you’re thinking of visiting with a physician in person, the cost of a doctor’s visit will depend on each provider. You’ll also have to add travel and other expenses. Some doctors offer a flat-rate fee while some will give you a bill as per the patient’s condition and the complexity of the treatment.

At Online Medical Care Clinic, our convenient telehealth appointments will only cost $49 for the residents of Orange County. Our fees are significantly less than the standard in-person visit and other platforms which will cost you very high.

Your telehealth appointment at Online Medical Care Clinic may qualify you for a medical marijuana card. The telehealth platform also offers a money-back guarantee if we cannot get you a medical marijuana card.

Medical Marijuana Card In Orange County

Again, there are many add-on fees for other ways and with different conditions, however, our fees remain the same. Our cost is only $49, slightly higher for minors as it requires multiple healthcare providers to certify the patient.

Remember, at Online Medical Care Clinic, there is a money-back guarantee if we cannot get you a medical marijuana card for your health condition.

Orange County Fees

The state charges application and registration fees for medical marijuana card holders. There is also a renewal fee that patients may need to pay while renewing their card after receiving their initial card.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Medical Marijuana Card?

At Online Medical Care Clinic, physicians certify patients via remote appointments where they speak with you over the video call. These appointments can often be done from the comfort of your home, are HIPAA compliant, and provide a quick and convenient way to get your medical marijuana card.

Every physician is different but the process can be completed within 15mins to 30mins. The total time to get your medical marijuana card from start to finish will depend on your doctor and whether they send you documents right away or after some more study.

In cases where you don’t receive your medical recommendation right away, you’ll usually receive it via email within 24-36 hours. It really depends on your doctor, your medical condition, your preference, and other factors. Some doctors may want to spend more time learning about your health condition and why you want to try medical marijuana.

For instance, doctors may ask you some questions about your medical history and treatments you’ve tried in the past, and how they worked on you. In the past, doctors had to confirm the seriousness of your qualifying condition, but now after recent changes in the medical program, certified doctors have the liability to give medical marijuana recommendations if they believe the drug will improve the quality of life.

Medical Marijuana Card Orange County

Why Get A Medical Marijuana Card?

Save Huge Money All Year Long

Customers in the recreational markets pay 10%-36% excise taxes to buy marijuana. With your medical marijuana card, you’ll save a lot on taxes and it will save you thousands of dollars throughout the year.

Buy More, Possess More

With your medical marijuana card in Orange County, you can buy more and possess more cannabis without any legal restrictions.

Lower Age Restrictions

If you want to buy medical marijuana, you should be a minimum of 21 years old. But you can apply for a medical marijuana card at the age of 18 years. Minors who use medical marijuana need to be under the care of a designated caregiver.

Exclusive Dispensary Access

You’ll get access to more medical marijuana dispensaries around Orange County and you can also possess some quality and travel with your medical card. You’ll also get access to different medical marijuana products available at the dispensaries.

Renewing Your Medical Marijuana Card

You get a medical marijuana card with an expiring period. You get a limit after that you need to renew your medical marijuana card to keep using its benefits of it across Orange County. When you receive it, you’ll see that your card is valid for 12 months and has an expiration date.

Take a look at your expiration date and make a calendar to schedule an appointment with an Online Medical Care Clinic 30-60 days before that. That way you won’t lose access to the medication. You’ll also need to pay a state fee each time you renew and some other fees. We’ll ensure that you get the benefits of medical cannabis without interruption.

What Are The Qualifying Conditions For A Medical Marijuana Card?

The first step is to get a medical marijuana card to see if you have a qualifying condition. A certified doctor will check and certify you if you have a qualifying medical condition. If you have below medical conditions, you may qualify you for a medical cannabis card:

Why Choose Online Medical Care Clinic For Your Medical Marijuana Card?

If you’re ready to apply for a medical marijuana card in Orange County, we’re ready to help you throughout the process. We are a telehealth platform that provides you with a smooth and quick online process from the comfort of your home. Our healthcare practitioners provide you with all the information you need in a judge-free space.

Ready? Contact us now and set up your appointment to get started.

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