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Get a Doctor’s Recommendation to Buy MMJ in Orange County

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California was the first state of the US to legalize medical cannabis in the year 1996. But it took around 22 years more for the state to legalize the herb for recreational purposes. For two years now, the residents of the state are enjoying the recreational status of cannabis.

Still, though, a lot of people are applying for a medical cannabis card in the state. Why’s that? I mean, in California, there are an estimated 3.5 million MMJ cardholders. There must be a solid reason for it, right? 

Well, experts say a cannabis card has both- benefits as well as drawbacks. Read this article to learn about them and decide for yourself if you should get the card or not.


Advantages of a Cannabis Card While Buying MMJ in Orange County

Better Price

Do you know you can buy MMJ in Orange County at a cheaper price than its recreational counterpart? MMJ cardholders can save a lot on their marijuana taxes and other fees. Now, the difference between the costs varies from state to state. So, you may need to check the place you are living in.

Better Quality

Recreational cannabis isn’t bad, obviously, unless you are buying it from an illegitimate source. But marijuana for medicinal purposes goes through a very rigorous quality check process. Hence, it is of supreme quality. And well, you wouldn’t expect any less from your medicine, right?

Higher Buying And Possession Limits

A cannabis card also gives you better buying and possession limits. For instance, you can buy up to 8 ounces of MMJ in Orange County as a medicinal user. But on the other hand, if you are just an adult user, the laws do not allow buying more than 1 ounce. The same goes for possession.

Lower Age Limit

If you want to use cannabis to manage your ailment without a cannabis card, you can only do it if you are above 21. It is the minimum age to use recreational cannabis legally. On the other hand, you can apply for an MMJ card if you have a qualifying condition as soon as you turn 18. And once you have this card, you can use the herb without any legal restrictions.

Drawbacks of Having a Cannabis Card

You Cannot Possess Firearms

The constitution of the United States of America allows any of its citizens to own firearms. However, due to the illegal status of cannabis at the federal level, the ATF has made the sale of any firearms to a cannabis cardholder illegal.

No Government Job

If you are a federal employee, holding a cannabis card may make you lose your job; even if you are working in a pro-cannabis state. As we said, cannabis is illegal at the federal level. Hence, even if you are an MMJ patient, you cannot have a federal government job.

You Can’t Drive a Commercial Vehicle

The DoT (Department of Transportation) has made it clear that no marijuana user is allowed to drive a commercial vehicle or hold a driver’s license for it. The use of marijuana, whether medical or recreational, can make you high. And obviously, we don’t want people driving when high.

It’s a Long Term Commitment

You should keep in mind that cannabis treatment may sometimes continue for years. And hence, being a medical marijuana user is a long term commitment. Now, if you don’t know, an MMJ card, in most places, is valid only for a year. You need to renew it from time to time. And this involves a price. So, we suggest you apply for a cannabis card only if you can bear this recurring cost.

Final Thoughts

In this post, we’ve discussed both the positives and negatives of having an MMJ card. Now, experts still say that advantages outperform the drawbacks here by a huge margin. Obviously, that is why so many people are still applying for the card. However, our job was only to educate you. In the end, it’s in your hands if you want to go on this path or not. Hope the information above helps you make the right decision.

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